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Our process

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When we take on a new client, we spend time getting under the skin of the project and the business behind it. We follow the same thought out process for every client, no matter no big or small, to ensure we deliver against the objectives and ultimately achieve the desired impact on the businesses bottom line.

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  • Gather background information and understand the current situation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Data-led audience insights
  • Identify long-term business objectives
  • Identify short-term business objectives
  • Define tangible outputs, outcomes and out-takes
  • Agree key messages
  • Agree KPIs
Service - Audit

Each service offering will require its own in-depth service audit following the templates we have developed.

  • Using the insight from both discovery and the audit, we will develop a 6-12 strategy that addresses the needs of the business. This will include a breakdown of;
    •Necessary inputs (what we need from the client)
    •Monthly activities
    •Quarterly goals and touch points
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Access to live dashboards
  • Bi-weekly conference calls
  • Monthly meetings
  • Quarterly evaluations
  • Summary of activities
  • Performance against KPIs
  • Impact report – brand awareness, search visibility, traffic, revenue, etc.
  • Assumptions and recommendations for the next quarter
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