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Marketing Solutions

Data-led marketing strategies to deliver return on investment and aid growth.

Business Solutions

Business management systems, IT solutions and dialler services to make your business run smoother.

Marketing Solutions

Data-led marketing strategies to deliver return on investment and aid growth.

Brand Auditing Web Development Web analytics & CRO Paid Advertising Social Media Management SEO & Link Building Training
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Brand Auditing Web Development Web analytics & CRO Paid Advertising Social Media Management SEO & Link Building Training
Brand Auditing

Our marketing audit service is the perfect solution for small businesses who want to ensure they are getting value out of their marketing strategy, no matter the scale. 

Each audit is bespoke to each business depending on live marketing activity, but will usually follow a similar format.

You see, our website builds go way beyond just aesthetics; they focus on user functionality. We look at your business goals and develop the site to best increase conversions based on these goals. 

You’re an e-commerce business and need a website? No problem – we’ll focus on driving purchase conversions. You’re a service-based company and need more leads? Great, time to get your website optimised for lead conversions. 

A poorly converting website is a sad website.  We don’t create sad websites.

Being able to fully interpret your web analytics is like opening the door into understanding whether your website is achieving your business goals.

Web analytics should be used to drive almost all business decisions – it’s a little like going to play football without the ability to see.

Hive Central, we offer full 360 analytics options from data tracking implementation to complex interpretation and analysis.

Think of paid traffic as a metered tap with your website as the bucket underneath it. When you turn on the tap, traffic comes to your website. However, the price it costs to turn on the tap is variable and may not work for your business.

Employing specialists to manage your paid strategy means you minimise risk, and have the best chance of maximising revenue and return on investment.

Social media has become so ingrained in our daily lives that it’s easy to forget that it’s a relatively new phenomenon to sweep the world.

However, that hasn’t stopped it from completely taking over our lives. So much so that some brands can effectively generate enough interest and traffic solely from their social media channels to obliterate (in a good way) their company’s revenue and net profit.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term thrown around the marketing world with many not truly understanding what it is or how to do it correctly. Most will appreciate its importance, but rarely realise how many elements of digital marketing the work of SEO touches. 

Search engines like Google and Bing are on a mission to make the web a more friendly place for users. They’ve created set guidelines which advise us on how to build and maintain our websites to make them as user-friendly as possible. If your site is trusted and friendly to search engine users, then you shall be rewarded. 

The most common and most problematic challenges small business owners face include limited budgets and limited time.

When it comes to marketing a small business, it can often be a little bit like throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks, but this isn’t an effective use of time or money.

We offer marketing and social media training to businesses who don’t have the budgets to appoint an agency or an in-house team, but who understand the value of marketing and want to make the most of what they are doing.

Our informal and bespoke training can cover everything from basic graphic design using tools such as Canva, to web analytics and CRO, social media management to paid ad management.

Business Solutions

Sales modelling, IT systems and dialler services to make your business run smoother.

Business Management Systems Business Consultancy IT solutions Dialler Contact Centre Solutions
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Business Management Systems Business Consultancy IT solutions Dialler Contact Centre Solutions
Business Management Systems

Is your business run from multiple spreadsheets and stand-alone systems? You are not alone, most businesses are.  We at Hive Central can help you streamline your workflow by developing a cloud-based system that is as individual as is your business.

By working alongside your stakeholders through telephone and face to face meetings, we will endeavour to extract all the technical information required to develop a bespoke system tailored exactly to your business, not your industry, but your business. 

Are you stuck in a business rut? Our consultants can support on strategy, planning and problem solving, help you develop business skills and knowledge, but most importantly, help you grow your business. We follow a process to identify challenges and put a plan in place to overcome them. From sales modelling to the customer journey, we can help you elevate your business and take it the next level.

Is it reliable, affordable and convenient? That’s what small businesses will ask of their IT solutions. Small business owners don’t have huge budgets to spend on outsourcing their IT support or employing in-house experts, and that’s why we offer a simple, managed service. Our team provides a full spectrum of IT services, from basic networking to office relocation, to several businesses in Manchester and the North West. Get in touch today to see how we might be able to help you.

Our omnichannel engagement platform is much more than just a predictive dialler, it has enhanced functionality and data analytics to give you a deeper understanding of your customers and the tools to connect with them for unparalleled results.

It offers a number of critical improvements over other comparative predictive dialler technologies on the market. First, it’s cloud-based, which allows users and managers to log in anywhere, remotely. And second, it has unrivalled data analytics capabilities; allowing you to understand an advanced level of details of your customers.

We offer contact centre solutions which consistently prove to outperform their native counterparts. With skills across multiple sectors (both inbound and outbound), our contact centre solution is perfect for any sized business.

"Hive Central worked with us closely to design and develop a brand that reflects our values and built a system that does everything we need for our business to run smoothly."


"We have hundreds of employees benefiting from using Hive Central platform. The service provided significantly improves reliability, increases profitability and enhances customer care."

Claims Advisory Group

"We have worked with Hive Central for a range of our marketing requirements, they have been diligent, pro-active in assisting us. Our brand has grown online and we are continuing to work with them. We recommend their services as well as their friendly team. A pleasure to work with."


"Hive Central's system is the best customer engagement platform in the marketplace, I would recommend it to anyone. Since we implemented the solution, our sales performance has gone from strength to strength."

Damsons Future Planning

"We would recommend Hive Central for any business who wishes to make contact with their clients. Their product has had an overwhelming result in our productivity and customer engagement."

Flesh Tattoo

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